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Portugal Property: Find your home loan in Portugal

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ComparaJá.pt is the leading comparison platform in Portugal. Through our website we have helped millions of customers to easily compare rates and services of banking, broadband packages and other financial products. ComparaJá.pt has been operating in the Portuguese market since 2015 and from that moment it has established partnerships with more than 50 relevant institutions.

Portugal Property: How can ComparaJá.pt help you buying a house in Portugal?

By using ComparaJá.pt you can access a whole range of offers in the Portuguese market. Based on your profile, we can present the financial products that the different banks have for home loans and, from those, you can choose the best one for your needs. Our team will help you to obtain the best loan for the Portugal Property that you want. In order to get a better analysis from all the Portuguese banks it is mandatory that you reply to a brief questionnaire, so that we can understand which institution has the best offer for you. We will show you all the factors involving this kind of loan: from interest rates, to commissions and taxes. This way you will be able to make an informed and considerate decision. Also, we have a team that will help you throughout the whole process. We compare the offers of 18 banks that have mortgage loan operations in Portugal: Abanca, Banco Best, EuroBic, Banco BIG, Banco CTT, Banco Popular, Banco Privado Atlântico, Santander Totta, Bankinter, BBVA, BPI, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Crédito Agrícola, Deutsche Bank, Millennium bcp, Montepio, Novo Banco and UCI (União de Créditos Imobiliários).

How will the bank assess the value of the home in Portugal that you are interested in?

The value of the Portugal property will have to be evaluated by the respective bank or financial institution. In order to make a decision about the loan, the bank has to know the real price of the Portuguese house. This price will affect the Loan-to-Value (LTV), which can range from 60% to 70% in the case of foreign buyers. This means that you would have to be ready to pay between 30% to 40% of the value of the home in Portugal as a down payment. For example, if the Portugal Property that you are interested in costs about 200.000 €, you may be asked to make a down payment ranging between 60.000 € and 80.000 € so that the bank will provide with a loan for the remaining amount.

Portugal real estate: what documents do I need to buy a house?

If you are a foreigner willing to buy a house in Portugal, you may have to present some documents in order to complete the process. Our specialized team will advise you for this matter, but please make sure that you have this documentation when you apply for the loan to buy that specific Portugal Property. The main documents are: : If your permanent address is in Portugal:
  • ID Card or Citizen Card
  • Last Income Tax Return and its Notice of Settlement
  • Duplicates of the last three payroll documents
  • Employment confirmation letter
  • Floor plan of the apartment or house in Portugal that you are planning to buy
  • Plan of the building
  • Documents about other incoming sources (if needed)
  • Bank Statements (in Portugal and Overseas)
  • Credit Report
If you haven´t a permanent address in Portugal:
  • ID Card or Citizen Card
  • Tax returns
  • Employment Contract
  • Bank statements of all the bank accounts
  • Duplicates of the last three payroll documents
  • Credit Report

Which kind of Home Loans exist in Portugal?

There are essentially three kinds of mortgage loans in Portugal to buy your Portugal Property. Basically you can have:
  • Acquisition Loan : this is the most common loan for buying houses in Portugal. This can be used to buy a home for permanent residence or, alternatively, as a second home for vacations or investment.
  • Loan to buy land : this is a special kind of mortgage loan that can be used to buy a land in order to build a house afterwards (you can access it in our Comprar Terreno page - in Portuguese).
  • Transfer a loan to another bank : this kind of loan, which in Portuguese is called Transferência de Crédito Habitação (the page is in Portuguese), has the purpose of transferring a current loan to another bank, where you may pay less in interest rates.

What is the FINE and how to read it?

The Ficha de Informação Normalizada Europeia (FINE), is a document where the standardized information regarding each loan is summarized in. When a bank accepts a client process, ComparaJá.pt will send a document with all the relevant information regarding the loan. In this document you can find the interest rate, commissions and all the other costs included in that specific loan. Even if this document is usually written in Portuguese, our team will be able to guide you through it.

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